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You can’t really go far wrong with sports betting. You choose the event(s) that you want to bet on, place a wager and wait for the outcome of the game. However, there may be certain things that you don’t understand as you go through the process of depositing, betting, withdrawing and more. So that you have the best experience with online sportsbooks, we’ve created our own FAQ section that will answer questions you may have. Whether you want to know more about bonuses and live streaming or legal queries and navigation, this is the section of our site that provides all of the information you need.

Wagering requirements are frequently attached to bonus offers, and you will need to know about these prior to claiming a reward. Essentially, they dictate how much playthrough you need to complete before you can request a withdrawal from your account. So, let’s say that you have received a 100% bonus on your first deposit. You’ve transferred €50 into your account and the additional €50 bonus has also been added.

The sportsbook will then attach a wagering requirement to this, so let’s use an example of 20x. This can either be attached solely to the bonus funds or to both the bonus and deposit. In the case of the former, you’d need to place bets equating to €50 x 20 = €1,000. Where the latter is concerned, you’d need to place bets equating to €50 + €50 x 20 = €2,000. These do not need to be winning bets in specific. You simply need to ensure that you have placed a number of bets equating to that amount prior to being able to request a withdrawal.

The margin of a sportsbook, which is also known as its vigorish (or vig), is the fee that is charged by the bookmaker for accepting a player’s wager. This can also go by the name of overround. Bookies will always try to put the odds in their own favour with the margin, and it is through this that they make their profit. Essentially, it works as a commission on the lay bets that you place.

The margin is there to ensure that some sort of profit comes towards the sportsbook. Otherwise, bettors would simply place bets and would receive pay-outs from the losses of other players. The sportsbook doesn’t benefit in this way, so with a margin in place, it at least gets a share of the money.

Gambling should always be a fun pastime to engage in, and you should never bet more money than you can afford to lose. Furthermore, don’t be tempted into gambling by promotions that promise you huge bonuses and rewards. We also stress that you make plans for the matches you want to bet on before visiting your chosen sportsbook(s) and stick to those specific bets.

However, if you do feel that your gambling is becoming a problem, there are various routes that you can take to obtain help and support through this. Organisations like GamStop, GambleAware and GamCare all provide the best support for players who feel like they’re having problems with gambling or who feel at risk.

Sure Betting (which can also go by the name of Arbitrage Betting or Arbing) is a method of sports betting that can be used to make a guaranteed profit by using the price differences between bookies’ odds. It’s a low risk betting strategy, and this is what makes it popular with players.

Essentially, bettors using Sure Betting will look for a difference in odds between bookmakers for a certain event. The larger the variation in price between sportsbooks, the more money a player stands to make from it. By placing bets on all outcomes of the event, you’re certain to make a profit in the end. Naturally, it requires you to possess multiple bookmaker accounts and the ability to swiftly compare and contrast odds.

While it’s true that you may simply believe fractional and decimal odds are simply different because one is favoured across the sea and the other isn’t, there’s more to it than that. Fractional odds provide you with the ratio of the amount of profit won to the stake you place. Meanwhile, decimal odds show you the amount that you win for every €1 that you wager.

So, if you see a decimal odd displayed as 11.00, then every €1 you place on that will provide you with €11 back if it’s a winning bet. Where fractional odds are concerned, if you see something listed with 6/1 odds, this means that you would basically win €6 for every €1 that you wager if it’s a successful bet.

Before you can truly understand if the odds you’re getting are good or not you need to understand how bookmakers set their odds. Bookmakers calculate the probability of each outcome occurring and then subtract the betting margin. Bookmakers start off by setting their margin (let's say 3%) and they then set the odds for the various outcomes incorporating this commission. If the real probability is 1/2 (1.5 in decimal, 48.5 in American) then the bookie will subtract their 3% margin and the real odds given will be 29/20 (1.45, 190).

Various online sportsbooks have started accepting deposits through Bitcoin now, and you will need to know how to utilise this properly to make such a transaction. Essentially, your Bitcoin should be stored in a safe wallet, which has its own address. The sportsbook also has one of these wallets, where all players using Bitcoin will deposit their money. The address of that wallet is what you require to make a Bitcoin deposit.

Simply visit the cashier page, select Bitcoin as your preferred payment method and insert how much you’d like to transfer. The wallet address will then be displayed, and you need to enter this address into your Bitcoin wallet. Send the funds across and the transactions will be an instant one.

A Banker Bet is offered as a form of wagering on three or more selections, although this differs from the greater-known accumulator bet (acca). That one includes all of your selections put together in a single bet. A Banker Bet basically requires you to add your selections to your betting slip and from that choice of matches, you select which ones you want as your Banker Bet(s).

To follow up with this, you need to decide which out of the available bets based on the banker selections you would like back. Basically, the ones that you select as your Banker Bets have to be the winning ones in order for your stake to win completely. Should any of those lose, then your whole wager loses.

A welcome bonus is given to new players registering for an online sportsbook. The bonus is frequently provided after the first deposit has been made into your account. So, you go through the sign-up process, head to the cashier page to make your deposit and the funds are added on top of this.

Welcome bonuses will usually be given in the form of a percentage of the amount that you deposit. So, it’s not uncommon for promotions to be displayed as 100% up to €100, for example. In this case, should you deposit €40 for the first time, you will receive an extra €40 on top, allowing you to start out with a total balance of €80 in full. The welcome bonus is there to introduce you to the bookmaker’s site and give you some extra opportunities to place bets.

If you do choose to place an acca of any kind, be that 4-fold, 5-fold, 6-fold or more, you may also want to consider taking out some acca insurance at the same time. This enables you to place acca wagers with a bit more confidence. Essentially, it covers you for if a single one of the selections included in the acca is a losing one.

Keep in mind that not all online sportsbooks provide acca insurance, but it can be very beneficial to take it if it is available. So, let’s say that you make a 4-fold bet on Chelsea, Arsenal, Aston Villa and Manchester City all being winners in their matches, but Villa suffers a loss. If you have acca insurance included on the bet, you won’t lose in the end. Instead, the insurance covers that losing game.

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